Making common sense, common practice.

At Irwin Whaley Training we recognise the importance of building and maintaining effective business relationships both with our in-house clients and individual learners. 



We believe that although value for money is important, it is not just about bringing in the cheapest solution, it is much more about delivering programmes that can take a business forward through developing the effectiveness of its most valuable resource – its people.


When working with organisations we don’t offer ‘off the shelf’ courses as we know training is an important investment and L & D budgets are often limited. 


We only recommend solutions when we fully understand the rationale behind the training need and what an organisations expectations are. 


We don’t believe in running any programmes unless their outcomes can be measured in concrete terms.


As well as being effective, all of our Learning & Development associates have significant experience working within Learning & Development teams. This gives them a full understanding of what is important to organisations when outsourcing this important enabling service.


To ensure that any programme we deliver is fit for purpose, we are able to measure its effectiveness and will consistently work through all of the stages of the learning and development cycle shown below.

Giving your team the skills to breath and drive forward.
Irwin Whaley Training development cycle
  • Identifying business objectives.

  • Understanding your culture and structure.

  • Identifying core skills and behaviour gaps.

  • Full programme evaluation.

  • Interim progress reviews.

  • Learner Progress reports.

  • Flexible delivery locations.

  • Blended delivery options.

  • On-going coaching support.

  • Interim programme reviews.

  • Bespoke learning materials.

  • Flexible delivery modules and timeframes.

  • Options of pilot programmes.

Once we have identified the rationale for the programme including the organisational and individual objectives to be achieved, we would then recommend the programme that we believe is most appropriate.