Role Play For Business

Role Play 4 Business

Our role play 4 business service is a professional corporate role-play training offer.


We use of expertise to design and facilitate sessions to meet a company’s own business environment, culture  and specific development requirements.


The Role Plays can be acted out within business premises and training venues, or simply provide actors to pre-designed and prepared material. Sessions can be filmed for further analysis and feedback. 


Using actors within the business environment brings a different dimension to the learning experience, totally transforming the energy and level of engagement; whether we are talking about a training course, workshop, conference or presentation.
Role play work scenarios, can be developed to specific company operations and procedures.


Instead of sitting through lengthy Power Point presentations, candidates can interact and learn by observing and questioning behaviors.


Learning is reinforced by using real life business examples within the company’s business sector and client base. The theory is put into practice leading to participants development in their knowledge skills and attitudes.

Workshops are fun and with the laughter people relax. They are more open to new concepts and ideas. People leave with a real buzz which makes the learning stick.